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Contact Realla and expect a reply within 24 hours. Whether you are a tenant, investor, commercial property agent or commercial property landlord, we are here to help!


What is Realla?

Realla is the UK’s leading mobile and online commercial property marketplace that connects tenants and investors to commercial property available for sale or to rent. Realla is the perfect place to start your search for a commercial property. To learn more about Realla click here.


What is Realla not?

Realla is NOT a commercial property agency. We do not market commercial property nor can we help you with your property enquiry. If you would like to enquire about a property, please contact the agent advertising the property. Every property listing on Realla features a webform which you can use to send an email as well as a phone number if you prefer to speak to an agent directly. To learn more about enquiring on properties through Realla, click here


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We are currently developing a suite of tools for listing individual units and a portfolio of properties on Realla. 

If you are a commercial property agent/broker or a commercial property owner and want to list your portfolio on Realla, register your interest. 

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Whether you are a tenant, investor, commercial property agent/broker or commercial property owner. If you have a question, require more information or need help with an issue, reach out to our friendly Customer Support team. 


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